Transportation & Logistics


Logistics is considered to be the backbone of most of the industries in any Economy. This sector has a large number of unorganized players and approximately 80% of the revenues are generated by these players. This industry has been undergoing transformation consistently over the last few years due to evolution of 3PL/ 4PL service providers. Moreover, logistics is becoming more critical to organizations as improved concepts such as Just-In-Time, Flexible Operations, Total Quality Management, etc are implemented. Further, it provides huge opportunities for cost savings with more professional and systematic approach. This sector has witnessed entry of few international players who have brought in these aspects while providing services to the customers. However, the challenge before Global giants would be to replicate the best practices used globally however with a customization with the local business environment. Similarly, the local players would have to revamp their processes and technology to match up with Global competition if they were to grow and provide value added services to customers.

We at ANB take keen interest in understanding this domain end to end and come out with customized offerings for our clients. With the increase in competition, Technology and Processes would be the unique differentiating factor for Logistics players which would result in definite cost savings. The extensive focus of ANB on understanding Technology and Processes would help us add value to the organization.